Math Update…

Here is our latest parent letter for math. We are using several different strategies to solve two digit addition. These methods of adding numbers together may be different from how you and I learned. To learn more about Show All Totals, New Groups Below and New Groups Above, please take a few moments to look over the letter below.¬†ūüôā

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.19.43 PM

Character Pumpkins….

Amazing work on all the character pumpkins that made their way in! We had so much fun sharing them and touring our other friend’s pumpkins in Second Grade today!!! Everyone is so creative! Thanks for your help in this project! They will line our windowsill until Halloween!

Math Update…

Our second graders are exploring different ways to write and think about numbers using 100’s, 10’s and 1’s. Place value and number sense concepts will prepare our students for two digit addition in the upcoming weeks. Here is a copy of the most recent parent letter.

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Reading Counts

Today your child will be coming home with a Reading Counts book ( similar to WEB reading last year if you were at Georgetown).  Each child has selected a good fit book within their independent reading level to take home and read and they are SO EXCITED!!!  Reading Counts is a reading incentive program (separate from our curriculum) that promotes reading habits and also rewards children for their efforts.    Please see the following link for more information READING COUNTS.  Here is how we use Reading Counts at Georgetown.

1.  Each child’s independent reading level is determined through teacher assessments.  Levels will be similar to last year (within a level or two).

2.  Each child is given a goal number of points to achieve during the semester based on their reading level.  Each book has an assigned point value which can be found on the inside cover of the book.

3. ¬†Students select a book at their reading level and read it at home and/or at school. ¬†Books are labeled with reading levels A ‚Äď Z on the spine of the book.¬†

4.  When children are finished with the book they sign up to take a RC comprehension quiz on the computer/ipad for that particular book here at school.

5.  If the quiz is passed ( 8/10 questions answered correctly), then another book is checked out.  If the quiz is not passed,  students take the book home again and reread or select a new book from the library.

6. At the end of the semester (mid Jan),  students who have met their goal receive a prize and a ticket into our end of the year BIG prize drawing.  Last year it was an Ipad Mini and Target gift cards….YEAH!

Please see your child’s book bag today for more specific information.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Yankee

Math Update..

We have a classroom full of detectives!!!  Our second graders are learning how to solve word problems using strategies that encourage them to think through questions, draw pictures, write equations and check their answers.    This will be our focus for the next few weeks :).  We will investigate add to, take from, collective, missing/extra information, comparison and two step word problems.  Below find the most recent parent letter.

We’re in first place for the Walk-a Thon Fundraiser….

Tomorrow is the final day to turn in Walk‚ÄĘA‚ÄĘThon money. ¬†We are grateful for every donation that we have received so far. ¬†Mrs. Hunt along with our treasurer team has spent most of today counting money that was turned in early.

At this time we have the following classes in the running for the GRAND PRIZE:  Class trip in a LIMO to Pizza Ranch.

The leaderboard is as follows:  Ms. Yankee (2nd Gr), Mrs. Greenlund (4th Gr), Mrs. Burdis (3rd Gr).

  Money due tomorrow, September 25, 2017.

Wooohooo let’s keep our first place lead!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!


Walk-a-Thon Tomorrow….

Tomorrow, Friday, September 22 will be our Georgetown Elementary Walk-a-thon!! ¬†Be sure to dress in comfy shoes and lightweight clothing! Please also pack extra water, it is going to be another HOT one!! We will be enjoying some time outside walking from 9:45-10:15 a.m. ¬†You are welcome to come join us behind our school on the Georgetown ‚Äútrack‚ÄĚ, located by our 2/3 playground. ¬†Just walk around the building and join the fun. ¬†No need to check into the office!

Our theme of our walk-a-thon this year is ‚ÄúSuperhero‚Äôs‚ÄĚ. ¬†If your child would like to dress like a Superhero they may!

Also, if you would like to donate all money is due Monday, September 25.  This is our only fundraiser for our school.

Reading Workshop Update…

Our second grade readers have been doing an amazing job of building reading stamina.¬† Stamina is being able to “stick” with a task for a long period of time.¬† They have reached an incredible milestone, being a REAL reader for 20 minutes.. YAY!

We have learned that a real reader gets started quickly, stays quiet, chooses their own space,  keeps their eyes on their books, does their reading assignment,  leaves thinking tracks about their reading and stays in the one place.

We have also learned how to put the pieces of the reading puzzle together by thinking about the book before we read and during our reading. ¬† Focusing on the characters of a fiction text along with the problem and the solution to the story helps us “put it all together”. ¬† ¬†This week we will be focusing on meeting with our reading partners and setting goals.¬† Keep up the great reading at home!

What’s happening in writing workhop…

After rehearsing our stories to ourselves, with a partner and with sketches, we were finally able to let our pencils tell the story Friday! ¬†We focused on using our story teller’s voice and using feelings, thoughts and details.

Being able to move through the Writing Process (brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing) independently will be our focus for September, using visuals and strategies to keep our Writer’s Workshop moving along. ¬† This allows time for children to practice skills in their own writing and for me to conference with small groups of children about specific concepts and set goals for their writing. ¬† Look at these cute writers using their storytelling voices around our campfire Tuesday! We even had a chance to roast some mini marshmallows and make a smore! How fun!


Walkathon 2017…

Our Georgetown Walkathon is on Friday, Sept. 22. This is our only school fundraiser for the year. We are asking families and relatives to consider making a donations to fund our special school and classroom projects. This year’s theme is Superhero Walkathon 2017 and students are invited to dress as superheroes. For more information, view this slideshow.