Winter is upon us…

With the weather forecast, it looks like Winter is about to begin.  As soon as tomorrow possibly!

Just a few reminders:

  •  The kids go outside at every recess.   We only keep them inside if the wind chill is below zero.  If no boots are worn then the kinders will need to stay on the pavement to keep shoes dry.
  • WINTER CLOTHING is a must.  Boots, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants. Write your last name on all pieces of clothing.  This helps with those missing items that like to go missing!
  • Be prepared to hang up the winter clothing to air out and dry each night.

And, finally…get ready to hear about the new recess celebrations and concerns.  The SNOW is so much fun on the playground.  And, like most schools we have rules (I know… way to ruin the fun, right?!)  The rules are basic:

  •  NO SNOWBALLS.  WHY?  Because we have had our fair share of eye injuries, head injuries, bruising etc. when these snowballs hit people in the face.  I always tell kids that if their parents let them have snowball fights at home, do it at home.  But we can’t do it at school.
  • NO ICE SLIDING.  WHY?  We have kids break their wrist or arm sliding on ice.  We have also had kids fall and get a concussion.
  • FORTS…build at your own risk.  Our playgrounds are shared by nearly 600 kids. If you build a fort during one recess, another group might come out the next recess and change your fort — put on an addition or take off the front porch or destroy it for a new subdivision. So…build away…but know it might be changed.

Our priority will be to have the kids dress appropriately for the snow,  have fun in the snow and be safe in the snow!


GEORGETOWN Culver’s Night  Monday, November 19 from 5:00 – 8:00

7393 Cottonwood Dr, Jenison, MI 49428

You can either come in and eat or go through the drive thru.

Culver’s is donating a portion of the profits from every customer.

Parents and staff get to help deliver food.

Bring your family by for dinner or get a concrete mixer and support your school!

Hope to see you there!

Pizza Hut Book-It….

Our class is participating in the BOOK IT! Program to encourage reading at home.  You will receive a calendar starting October through March at the beginning of each month.  Each time your child reads at home they should mark it on their calendar.  At the end of each month they can bring their calendar back to school and receive a coupon for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  Look for this calendar to come home with your child on Monday! 🙂 Thanks 🙂

Math Update…

We have a classroom full of detectives!!!   Beginning this week our second graders are learning how to solve word problems using strategies that encourage them to think through questions, draw pictures, write equations and check their answers.    This will be our focus for the next few weeks :).  We will investigate add to, take from, collective, missing/extra information, comparison and two step word problems.  Below find the most recent parent letter.

Reading Counts Starts Today…

Today your child will be coming home with a Reading Counts book ( similar to WEB reading last year if you were at Georgetown).  Each child has selected a good fit book within their independent reading level to take home and read and they are SO EXCITED!!!  Reading Counts is a reading incentive program (separate from our curriculum) that promotes reading habits and also rewards children for their efforts.    Please see the following link for more informationREADING COUNTS.  Here is how we use Reading Counts at Georgetown.

1.  Each child’s independent reading level is determined through teacher assessments.  Levels will be similar to last year (within a level or two)- they may change a bit as I begin assessments with your child over the next few weeks. 

2.  Each child is given a goal number of points to achieve during the semester based on their reading level.  Each book has an assigned point value which can be found on the inside cover of the book.

3.  Students select a book at their reading level and read it at home and/or at school.  Books are labeled with reading levels A – Z on the spine of the book. 

4.  When children are finished with the book they sign up to take a RC comprehension quiz on the computer/ipad for that particular book here at school. They can only take these quizzes at school. We will have parents here to help with quizzes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. We will not take a quiz on Wednesday. Students should aim to read their first book they got today a few times and then bring it back on Monday (9/17) to take a quiz! 

5.  If the quiz is passed ( 8/10 questions answered correctly), then another book is checked out.  If the quiz is not passed,  students take the book home again and reread or select a new book from the library.

6. At the end of the semester (mid Jan),  students who have met their goal receive a prize and a ticket into our end of the year BIG prize drawing.  Last year it was an Ipad Mini and Target gift cards….YEAH!

Please see your child’s book bag today for more specific information.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Math Update…

Our second grade mathematicians have been working hard to build their math strategies.  We are learning about math facts through the use of math mountains.    Below please find a parent letter for more details.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.11.22 PM

As children are introduced to strategies and new topics/instruction, they have an opportunity to practice using games, hands on activities, math journal work, partner practice and fact fluency through each of their work sites.  Our learners visit all of the work sites each day and have done a FABULOUS job getting to work quickly and quietly.


Mrs. Reagan posted the below information on the school blog regarding our growth mindset approach to learning. We are so excited to begin this journey!

The staff book study for the 2018-19 school year is GROWTH MINDSET COACH. It is a month by month guide that helps us shift our teacher  and student thinking to a GROWTH mindset approach to learning. Teachers know that the actions they take (body language, word choice) show our students what we expect of their learning. Sometimes the words we use give children the impression that their ability to learn is fixed or pre-determined. This happens when we make statements like: “You’re so smart! or “You’re a math genius”  or “Spelling comes easily to you.” These statements imply that some kids are born smart, genius like and/or that learning comes easily. This reinforces a FIXED MINDSET.

Many of us were raised in these messages, so we must intentionally shift toward a GROWTH MINDSET approach to teaching and learning. By doing this, our word choice reflects the philosophy that our brains are always growing and as a result, with lots of practice and support, every child and adult is a learner. To help you understand this approach, I encourage you to visit MINDSET WORKS parent tips page.  It is FILLED with helpful information about this approach.

Each month, we’ll introduce a new GROWTH MINDSET PHRASE to our students and expand their beliefs about their own ability to learn through practice, mistakes, failures and more practice. This months phrase is above — Everyone Can Learn. 

This week, we will continue to focus on welcoming all the children by building routines and relationships. We know that Tuesday could be a little tricky for some of our kindergarteners (and maybe a few Gr 1-5 kids) after four days at home. We’re resting up to provide extra TLC to help them out!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Mrs. Reagan