Supply List…

Happy July 1st! I will give your child many tools that we will use every day (crayons, pencils, folders, notebooks), but I would love some help with these specialty items.

Please bring these supplies to our Open House on Thursday, August 24

  • pencil box (make sure that it can open and close easily)
  • earbuds (please label with your child’s name, a piece of tape works well)
  • gym shoes (kept in your child’s locker)
  • 1″ binder with pockets on the inside cover
  • composition notebook, wide ruled
  • 1 pair of blunt child’s scissors, labeled with your child’s name
  • 1 box of bandaids

Important items your child should bring to school every day.

  • backpack (big enough for a lunchbox, folder, library book, and snow gear in the winter)
  • filled water bottle (water only, no juice please)
  • 2 healthy snacks (one for the morning and one for the afternoon… second graders get hungry!)
  • Wish List Items…. (things to donate if you can to our room..just pick 1 0r 2…)
  • box of graham crackers
  • page protector sheets
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • disinfectant wipes

Thanks so much for helping your child get ready for second grade! Please email me if you have any questions. 🙂

~Ms. Yankee (

Boxtops and Coke Caps!!!

It’s Summer… BOXTOPS and COKE CAPS and MORE!


  • Did you know that every BOXTOP and every COKE CAP collected earns money for our school?   This summer we would like you to work hard to collect both.  The money we earn will go toward a basketball hoop on our K/1 playground!
  • BOXTOPS:  Every completed BOXTOP sheet is worth $5.00.  If every child from Georgetown (approx 550) fills  one sheet this summer, our school will earn $2,750.   Many thanks to Lori Simpson and all of you who are on her team of BOX TOP counters, trimmers and packers.  This is a great program that pays off because of all of YOU!     Download your form here:  Summer Box TopsCOKE CAPS:  Super easy. Save the caps and go online to enter collection!  COKE WEBSITE  (   Select Georgetown Elementary and enter the code on the cap.   Now you can recycle the cap.  No need to send it to school.

AND…don’t forget about your FAMILY FARE/D&W receipts.  Those add up too!  SAVE these all summer long and

Finally…AMAZON SMILE.  Order everything from AMAZON through our smile link to earn our school MONEY!

Welcome to 2nd Grade….

Welcome to our second grade families! I am thrilled to be making the switch to 2nd grade this year and couldn’t be more excited to teach your child! I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!  Please make sure to register for email subscriptions  (upper right hand corner of blog) which alerts you via email when our classroom blog is updated.  We use the blog for classroom happenings, activities, special events and to share our learning fun.

Looking forward to the upcoming year… ENJOY YOUR SUMMER and treasure up some small moments to write about in the fall!   We will post a classroom supply list during the first few weeks of July (crazy to think about).

~Ms. Yankee

Our Final Update, What a Great Year!!!

This video highlights our year together! Boy it was hard to say goodbye Friday! There were lots of laughs, smiles, hugs and tears!! Thanks so much for supporting your child and I this year! I have loved teaching your kinder and your child will forever hold a very special place in my heart! Relax, enjoy and have a blast this summer! Woohooo to officially being 1st graders!!! Please continue to keep in touch and I wish everyone the best!

Please refer to the Summer Activity Calendar (posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog page) for a listing of various activities and suggestions you might want to do with your child each day or refer to the paper copies sent home. I can’t wait until June 30 when it says to “write a letter to Ms. Yankee ” 🙂  I will be looking forward to these letters and plan to write back!!!

Have a fabulous summer!!!  Report cards will be mailed out on June 16.

Here’s a video highlight of our final week together…

Weekly Update, May 30- June 2….

I cannot believe we’re down to the final week of kindergarten….Wow! This year flew by! I couldn’t have been blessed with a better classroom of kinders! Here’s to the final week, just having fun together and celebrating all that we learned! 

Popcorn Words: review! 

Math:   We had fun reviewing key math skills this week!

Writer’s Workshop: We created a Summer Bucket List with some fun buckets! We came up with some great ideas to do this summer! We also had a lot of fun creating our Father’s Day gifts for Dad this week.  The Kindergartners can’t wait to give these gifts to Dad.  They have all been sent home.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t leave Dad out of our fun creating before school is out for the year.  We hope Dad enjoys these gifts for Father’s Day!

1st Grade Tour: We took a trip to Mrs. Bast’s 1st grade classroom this week to meet a 1st grader for a special tour! They made us each an informative brochure about 1st grade that they read to us. They also answered any of the questions we wrote down to ask them about next year. Finally, we got to check out the books inside their book boxes and they read to us! We’re getting so excited for next year! 

Reader’s Workshop:  The Kindergarteners have continued working hard at reading their “good fit” books during our reader’s workshop time and continuing to build up their stamina for first grade. We have also been working on reading the rainbow with getting thru all of our rainbow list sight word lists!! Many of us have made it all the way to reading list 14!! Amazing!! All of us celebrated learning so many sight words in a snap this year by receiving a piece of gold and a gold chocolate rolo for our accomplishments!! We celebrated with our 5th grade buddies as we ran through a rainbow tunnel created. I sent home all of these lists so you can practice these more over the summer! Watch the video of our rainbow run…

Countdown Balloons: We began the 9 days left of kindergarten countdown this week with a special envelope count down! We opened envelope 9 Tuesday finding that we received Fish and Frisbee day! We ate goldfish fish crackers and went outside for some frisbee game fun together! Wooohooo!! Then on Wednesday we opened an envelope that said….write with a special pen day! We had fun doing our work with our new pens!!  Balloon number 7 was… chalk day… we had fun with chalk both inside and outside our classroom!! Then on Friday, it was picnic lunch and popsicle day! I wonder what balloons 5, 4, 3,2,1 will hold!!?? 🙂

Library: Please return your library book if you still have it at home.  Inventory has begun!

Kindergarten Olympics: Thank you again to the many wonderful parents who helped make this fun morning possible! Enjoy this video of our special morning…..

Mystery Reader: Looks like our final mystery readers of the year arrived on Thursday!! Ember’s big brothers, Levi in 2nd grade and Issac in 4th grade surprised us! They both read us a fun book! It was so fun to have them! 

Thanks again to all the wonderful mystery readers who have surprised us throughout the year!! This is a memory your child will never forget!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, June 10LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…dismissal at 12:15 p.m. 






Kindergarten Olympics Tomorrow…

Our Kindergarten Olympics are being held tomorrow, Friday, June 2!  Hooray!!

Here are a few reminders:

*Parent volunteers are asked to be on the Kindergarten playground at 8:45 a.m. for instructions.  Games should be finished around 12:00.

*Don’t forget to  wear tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirts.  We will be running and playing lots of games.  NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS PLEASE!!

*Please send a home lunch and drink  for your Kindergartener. Students can order hot lunch for our picnic if needed.  We will be eating a picnic lunch as a class.  Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch on our playground.  If you are planning on bringing your kinder’s lunch with you….PLEASE SEND A NOTE INSIDE THEIR FOLDER LETTING ME KNOW OF THIS.

*Please send a water bottle with your child’s name clearly marked on the outside.  It is going to be WARM and we will want to stay hydrated during our games.

*Apply sun screen BEFORE coming to school.

*Please send a larger backpack snack….we will be taking a break to recharge in the morning!  

*Volunteering parents please dress in comfy active clothes.  You will be walking around with the kinders helping them play the games.  If you want to take along a lunch so that you can join us…you are welcome.

*Any other parents, grandparents are welcome to stop by in the morning to cheer us on- just come to the K playground to watch! 

We can’t wait to enjoy a fun filled morning with all our Kindergarten classrooms!!  Let the games begin!! 🙂

Weekly Update, May 22-26…

May 22-26  

Popcorn Words:  We reviewed all of our past popcorn words this week! We looked for different words each day inside our morning message and did different activities with the words!  The May popcorn word flashcards came home in your child’s folder this week. 

Math:  We wrapped up our study of Unit 5 by taking a Math test this week.  Your child’s Math test came home Friday! They did amazing!  It’s amazing to see how far we have come!!  For the rest of the school year we will review our concepts from the year and have some fun with Math.

Writer’s Workshop:  We wrapped up our Opinion Writing last week.  We celebrated with Mrs. Stutz’s class this week by sharing our writing pieces. The Kindergarteners joined a friend and shared their Opinion of which restaurant was their favorite and why.  After they shared their writing they then got to decide which candy is better?  A starburst or chocolate?  We had 37 Kindergarteners who had the opinion that starburst candy is the best.  While another 7 believed that chocolate was the best.  These pieces came home Friday as well!

Reader’s Workshop:  The Kindergarteners have been amazing with building their reading stamina!!  We have hit 20 plus minutes multiple times this week! We have been continuing to celebrate being readers!  We had fun Friday reading our books with some fun Memorial Day inspired sunglasses to stuffed animals in our classroom!

American Symbols:  We have had a lot of fun exploring our American symbols!  The Kindergarteners have learned about The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell, The American Flag, and the Statue of Liberty and more!!! We incorporated a bit of science with our discussion on the Statue of Liberty learning that she was originally not green but the copper turned green over years.  The Kindergarteners have been watching pennies in our classroom turn green (with a little help from vinegar).  We wrapped up this study of American Symbols while reading our easy reader book all about Memorial Day.  Learning about why we celebrate Memorial Day while wearing our proud red, white and blue!  In the afternoon on Friday we enjoyed a special red, white and blue popsicle treat with our 5th grade buddies….YUM!!  It was the perfect HOT day to cool down with all of our Kindergarten friends!! Thank you to all who serve, have served or given their lives to protect our country!!! 

Kindergarten Olympics:  On Friday, June 2 we will be having a fun time of games and Kindergarten fun!  Please ensure that your Kindergartener wears tennis shoes on Olympic day…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCKS PLEASE! If your volunteering where workout shoes too! Dress yourself and child in comfy gym/workout clothes to run around in. Bring a water bottle labeled with their name and don’t forget to pack a protein rich snack for that day!  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  If you are a volunteer for our Olympics please plan to arrive at 8:45 a.m. for instructions on the K/1 playground.  ALL parents and younger siblings are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch on the playground.  We will be having our picnic lunch at 12:00 p.m.  PLEASE EMAIL ME AT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!!

Birthday’s: Happy Early Birthday to Ellery and Dayne this week! Thanks for the yummy treats!!! It was fun celebrating with you! 


Mystery Reader’s: We had 3 special mystery readers this week!

On Monday, Mrs. Wert, a past pre-k teacher of a large group of boys in our classroom came in for a surprise visit! She was a BIG hit!! She read 2 fun, silly books and got in lots of hugs from her old boys!!! 

Then on Wednesday we had a visit from Ivy, a 4th grader here at Georgetown!! Ivy was in my first kindergarten class here at Georgetown! She is so sweet and volunteers at her recess time every day to help in my classroom!! She fits in wherever and the kids love her!!!She is a huge help 🙂 On Wednesday she surprised us as the special reader, reading one of her favorite books from K…. EEEEKKK a Spider!!! We love you Ivy!!!

Finally on Friday a very special dad came to visit us!! Ember’s dad, Mr. Vanderveen made his grand appearance reading a hilarious silly book about a Princess Dog and Frog! We laughed along with him! Thanks so much to our fantastic readers this week!!! I still have room for more before we wrap up the year, e-mail me!!!

Butterflies and Frogs: Monday was a special day in our classroom! Our butterflies hatched out of their chrysalis’s!!! We got to see them in action!! All 4 of them turned into beautiful painted lady butterflies!! We were all in awe!! We feed them watermelon and sugar water all week so they could gain their strength to be ready for their flight into the wild on Friday am!! We named them and watched them everyday as they became stronger! On Friday morning, we had Mrs. Stutz’s kinder’s join us for a beautiful release over the pond!! They all looked happy! 

We also had 2 of our 4 frogs officially become frogs Monday and need to be removed from the fish tank into a new habitat! We had fun watching the frogs all week, hiding in their container from us and jumping all around! So much fun!!! We also gave them a happier home on Friday when we released them into the pond water and watched them hop away! 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL!  Happy Memorial Day!
  • Tuesday, May 30…ART
  • Wednesday, May 31 STEAM, Kayler and Braylee’s Summer B-day Celebration!
  • Thursday, June 1…Gym, Cruz’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Friday, June 2…Music, Kindergarten Olympics
  • Friday, June 9…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.

Weekly Update, May 15-19…

May 15-19

Popcorn Words: today, play, up, and away – We are done introducing new words! We will review all words from here on out! 

Math: We are wrapping up our Unit 5 Math concepts.  This week we explored identifying the difference between numbers.  We found numbers the were greater than, less than and equal to each other.  We will be reviewing and taking our Unit 5 test on Thursday this week! They will all do fantastic!

Writer’s Workshop:  The Kindergarteners finished up the week by completing their “on demand” opinion on what the best restaurant is.  They added two reasons why they like the restaurant, and a conclusion.  The Kindergarteners were careful to check for punctuation, labels in their pictures, and their best handwriting!  Amazing to think of where they started as writers and where they are now!!! These pieces will be graded and sent home next week. They did a wonderful job on our opinion unit! We will conclude the year with different types of fun writing pieces!

Reader’s Workshop:  As we near the end of the year the Kindergarteners have continued to work on reading stamina.  Our class has gotten up to 18 minutes!  It was fun to celebrate how far we have come as readers by “shining our light” as we read with our flashlights on Friday! 

Mystery Reader: We were lucky enough to have 3 mystery readers this week!

On Wednesday, we had a special visit from Mrs. Nelson, Kyla’s mom and her brother in 1st grade, Keelan! She read Kyla’s adorable and funny library book, I Would Never Eat a Tomato . We were laughing all the way thru!! Thanks for reading to us!!

Then on Friday we welcomed Finn’s grandma and mom as our mystery readers! Finn was beaming from head to toe as soon as he saw his grandma and mom enter our classroom! His Grandma read Shark Trouble and Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? These are two of Finn’s favorites that we all loved to hear too!

Finally, Friday afternoon was filled with one more big surprise! Carter, Lila’s big brother in 3rd grade made an appearance!! Lila has been talking and hoping her brother would come to read to us!! She was sooo excited to see him! Her smile didn’t leave her face! He read Lila’s favorite, Fly Guy ! It was so fun to see Carter come back to read, since I had 3 years ago in kindergarten!!!

There are only 3 weeks left to be our mystery reader!! If you, a grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle, special babysitter,etc. Would like a turn- e-mail me and we will put you in! We sure LOVE mystery readers!!!

Science:  We have wrapped up our study of Living and Non-living things in Science.  The Kindergarteners did a GREAT job of demonstrating that they understand what a living thing needs (air, space, shelter, food and sunlight).  The Kindergarteners LOVED “eating a plant” on Monday!  We will continue to explore fun science concepts for the remainder of our year with some exciting experiments.

Social Studies:  Next week we will dive into our study of U.S. Symbols.  We will explore the many symbols of the U.S. (Liberty Bell, American flag, Bald Eagle and The Statue of Liberty).

Library: Please return your library book Tuesday this week! This past week was our final check out day for the year. We will still visit the library for a weekly story!

Take Home Books:  Thank you to all of our volunteers and parents with your help on our Take Home Book program!!  Our last day of this program was Thursday, May 18.  Please be sure to return any take home books!

Kindergarten Olympics:  Thank you so much for the awesome turnout of volunteers for our upcoming Kindergarten Olympics.  I will be contacting you soon to give you further details.

Homework:  This week will be the last week of homework.  Please continue to read daily with your child and practice sight words.  Thank you for all of your effort and support in helping your child with homework all year long!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 22…MUSIC,
  • Tuesday, May 23…ART, LIBRARY, Celebrate Ellery’s Summer B’day!!!
  • Wednesday, May 24…STEAM.
  • Thursday, May 25…GYM, Celebrate Dayne’s Summer B’day!!!
  • Friday, May 26…MUSIC .  Wear Red, White and Blue Day!  
  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day!
  • Wednesday, May 31… Kayler and Braylee’s Summer Birthday!!!!
  • Friday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympics.
  • Friday, June 9…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.