All About Second Grade

General Information

To keep you in the loop with classroom events, please make sure that you have subscribed to our blog. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to email me or stop by our classroom (Rm 208) at anytime. Second grade is going to be a fantastic adventure and you are a key part of your child’s success!

Blue Homework Folder

Your second grader will have a blue homework folder that will come home every day. This folder will contain notes from the school office and the classroom. One side of the folder will hold the homework or papers that need to be returned to school. The other pocket will be school information about upcoming events or papers that your child completed in class. Your child is to return the folder to school every day. You may also use the folder to send any important notes to school.

Special Classes

When the school year begins, look for a specials schedule on our blog calendar. This will help you stay informed as to whether your child has gym, art, steam or music. Please remember that your second grader has to keep a pair of gym shoes at school for gym class.

Classroom Rules

We will create a classroom contract our first week of school of the important rules/promises in our classroom. We will sign our contract and remind ourselves of the expectations daily. Positive behavior will be rewarded with Dojo points and pennies. These pennies will then be “cashed” in for small rewards and prizes.  

Water Bottle and Snacks – Your child should bring two healthy nut free snacks and a filled water bottle (no juice please) to stay fueled every day. Morning and afternoon snacks are essential for maintaining energy and attention. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. High sugar foods cause an energy crash that makes learning difficult. If your child ever forgets a snack, we have a great supply of graham crackers (thanks for your donations!). For more information on snack ideas, you can click the Nut Free Snack List found on the blog. 


I promise to make the day fun for your child with special birthday activities at school. If you and your child would like to bring a small edible or non-edible pre-arranged treat the for your child’s special day. These treats do need to be store bought and nut free. Thanks so much! We will celebrate summer birthdays in May/June.

Student of the Week

Each child will have the opportunity to be the Student of the Week. In September, I will send home a special poster that each child will complete to share with the class. 

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are always welcome in our class. In fact, we love them! Look for opportunities to sign-up at the open house.

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