A FANTASTIC first day!!!

We had a great first day together as a second-grade family!  Our day was filled with learning about procedures, expectations and getting to know one another.  Setting the classroom climate is key for our learning this year.

Together we created a classroom promise and the children created mini faces to make their pledge to one another.  Thanks for sharing your children with me, I am really enjoying getting to know them!

For day 2.. get a great nights sleep, pack 2 snacks, decide on a lunch, bring back any office papers, and return your daily blue folder! Woohoo! Can’t wait for day 2 together!

Last Minute Reminders before our first day….

It was wonderful to meet everyone at Open House Thursday night! Thanks for attending! It made me very excited for the upcoming year! We have an amazing group! Before our exciting first day, here are three important reminders…

Student Information Forms – Please send in the student information forms (received at Open House) back to school on Tuesday. Double check to make sure that your contact information is correct for our files.

Me Bags – At Open House, your child also received a Me Bag. We will enjoy sharing these bags as we get to know one another throughout the first week of school. Please make sure that your child’s name is on his/her bag before sending it to school on Tuesday.

Water Bottle and Snacks – Your child should bring two healthy nut free snacks and a filled water bottle (no juice please) to stay fueled every day. Morning and afternoon snacks are essential for maintaining energy and attention. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. High sugar foods cause an energy crash that makes learning difficult. If your child ever forgets a snack, we have a great supply of graham crackers (thanks for your donations!). For more information on snack ideas, you can click the Nut Free Snack List found on the left side of our blog. 

**Finally, with the start of a new school year many students experience some anxiety. Here is link to an excellent blog post to help children through these stressful moments. 13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Help an Anxious Child Calm Down

Looking forward to seeing those wonderful second graders on Tuesday. 🙂

Open House is Tonight!

I can’t wait to meet everyone tonight at 6:30 pm for Open House!!! Remember to bring your supplies for the first day if possible to lighten the first day load!

I am all the way at the end of the 2/3 hallway room 208!!!

I can’t wait to see all my smart 2nd grade cookies!!!

~Ms. Yankee



Open House is Approaching!


Our grade 1-5 Open House is on Thursday August 24 from 6:30-7:30pm. Feel free to bring any of your child’s supplies with you to the open house. It really helps them feel settled in and prevents heavy backpacks on the first day. 🙂 Please see the tab to the top for a complete list of school supplies. 

Please also take a few moments if you haven’t already to fill out the 2nd Grade Survey so I can gain more information about you and your child before school begins!

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Can’t wait to meet everyone! 

Ms. Yankee