Our Final Update, What a Great Year!!!

This video highlights our year together! Boy it was hard to say goodbye Friday! There were lots of laughs, smiles, hugs and tears!! Thanks so much for supporting your child and I this year! I have loved teaching your kinder and your child will forever hold a very special place in my heart! Relax, enjoy and have a blast this summer! Woohooo to officially being 1st graders!!! Please continue to keep in touch and I wish everyone the best!

Please refer to the Summer Activity Calendar (posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog page) for a listing of various activities and suggestions you might want to do with your child each day or refer to the paper copies sent home. I can’t wait until June 30 when it says to “write a letter to Ms. Yankee ” 🙂  I will be looking forward to these letters and plan to write back!!!

Have a fabulous summer!!!  Report cards will be mailed out on June 16.

Here’s a video highlight of our final week together…

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