Flashlight Friday!!!

Tomorrow we will celebrate the AMAZING READERS we have become with…. FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY!!!! We will turn off the lights and read by flashlight! Please send a flashlight or two (if you have extras for friends to borrow) with your child tomorrow, marked with their name! I will bring a few extras for those who forgot! We will bring the flashlights home tomorrow! 

Today was the final day for take home books! Thanks so much to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to read with us every week. This helped us as readers greatly!  Thank you for all your time! Wow!! We have all grown so much as readers!! It has been so fun to re-assess their levels this week! So many of us have jumped up! So proud of my readers 🙂 Keep reading at home every night!

Also, continue to work on those rainbow list sight words! I am in the process of re-assessing those words and sending new lists home to practice! No need to send the list back to list anymore. I will send the new lists home as we master them until the end of the school year. We also have lists to practice everyday in our book bins at school. We have all grown in our sight word knowledge this year! And for that in a few more weeks we will celebrate with a fun rainbow run and earning our gold!!! Keep practicing! 

Thanks! And can’t wait for a fun flashlight Friday tomorrow!!! 

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