Writing Celebration Marco’s Pizza Party, Thursday, 2/1!


Our class has started our On- Demand small moment narrative writing stories today! We had some great weekend stories to first talk about and then sketch our pictures today! Ask us what we are writing our story about this week?! This on-demand is a story we will write all by ourselves! We have 2 more days to work hard on this piece, adding all we have worked on during this writing unit and then on THURSDAY WE WILL CELEBRATE!!

Mrs. Stutz’s class earned a Marco’s pizza lunch that they would like to share with us on Thursday! We will do a writers celebration with their class and then enjoy a pizza lunch together, Thursday, 2/2!!! They will have the choice of cheese pizza or pepperoni.  I am asking for a donation of 22 small water bottles and a big bag of carrots with ranch dressing to go with the pizza lunch! If you can donate one of these by Thursday, please e-mail me asap @ myankee@hpseagles.net  If your child would prefer the hot lunch choice or bringing a lunch instead or a milk they will still be able to make that choice.

We will picnic inside our room together on Thursday, so if your child wants pizza no need to pack a lunch!

Thanks!! They’re so excited for Thursday!!!!!!!

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