Weekly Update, March 20-24….

March 20 – 24

Popcorn Words:  as, has.

Math:  We wrapped up our Unit 4 work and took our test on Friday.  These tests will come home next week.  In this unit we explored addition, subtraction, 3 D shapes, drawing pictures to show a story problem.  I am amazed at how far these Kindergarteners have grown!!

Readers Workshop:  We have finished our study on Fairy Tales.  Exploring The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The Kindergarteners talked their way through the “Shape Go Map” on each of these stories.  Easily identifying the problem and talking through the solution.  Learning the lesson of each story about determination and not giving up.  Also being able to explore the Fiction genre.  The Kindergartners also learned two sight word games with these stories.  These games came home with them.  Please enjoy the variation of learning sight words with these newly learned games.

We also had so much fun acting the Billy Goats Gruff story out this week with story props we created and puppets! The kinders are doing an amazing job with their retells and having so much fun!

Writers Workshop:  The Kindergarteners wrote the book All About Goats this week as Informational Writers. We had a blast learning some cool, fun facts on goats- did you know goats can climb trees? and we get lots of products we eat from goats? Including goat cheese!!! We had fun trying it! We were all so brave to try it and many of us loved it!! 🙂  They will be writing their “On Demand” Informational Writing piece next week.  I am confident they will shine with this upcoming task.

Mystery Readers:

  • On Monday we joined Mrs. Stutz’s class joined us and we were all treated to our amazing superintendent Dr. Nick Ceglarek as our Mystery Reader.  Dr. Ceglarek read us the Magician’s Hat by Malcom Mitchell.   Also sharing the amazing journey behind this book showing the Kindergarteners who the author was and his story.  Malcom Mitchell is a wide receiver with the New England Patriots.  Along with becoming a Super Bowl champion he has also become an author.  Hoping that his story and his writing will inspire children to read.  We loved hearing this book and having Dr. Ceglarek visit with us!  Thank you for visiting with us Dr. Ceglarek!!
  • Then on Wednesday we had Jasper’s mom surprise us as the mystery reader! Jasper ran up to his mom with the biggest hug!!! She read the silly, funny book, One Big Pair of Underwear. Thanks so much for visiting us! 

If you would like to sign up as a reader after spring break, please e-mail me or sign up in an available slot online! Grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles are all welcome too! I would LOVE to have someone for every child make it in by the end of the year! Thanks!

5th Grade Buddies:  We were able to visit with our 5th grade buddies on Friday!  We captured the beauty of the weather and had so much fun playing on the 4/5 playground!  Mrs. Stutz and her 5th grade buddies from Mrs. Burdis’s class joined us too!  Some of us LOVED the spinning toy….Mr. Gort was the master spinner!!   WE LOVE OUR BUDDIES!!

Father/Daughter Dance pictures… came home Friday with the girls that attended with their dads… if you did not receive a picture and your daughter went please e-mail me asap! I guess they were missing a few and are checking into those! Thanks! 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 27…Steam, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, March 28…Gym, Bring Library Book.
  • Wednesday, March 29…Music, Bring Take Home Book and Word Lists’, Homework Due- last day of take home books before spring break! 
  • Thursday, March 30…Art, No Take Home Book readers- but please return ALL BOOKS THUR so no books are mis-placed over break, ALL K P.J. DAY!!  Wear your P.J.’s or comfy clothes to school.  You may bring a stuffed animal!  No blankets please. And don’t forget to bring outside shoes for outside play! 
  • Friday, March 31 – April 7…NO SCHOOL…SPRING BREAK!
  • Tuesday, May 9…Our class along with Mrs. Stutz’s class will have our Spring Field trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center and then Timber Town.  More information will come home as our date approaches.

Weekly Jungle Update… March 13-17…

March 14-17

Popcorn Words:  Where, There, Were.

Math:  We continued our work in Unit 4.  Finding partners of 10, making teen numbers and working on our fluency of adding and subtracting numbers together.  We are becoming amazing math magicians!!

Writer’s Workshop:  This week we focused on studying bears. We read non-fiction books and watched a video clip on these mammals! We found new facts to write down on our Have, Can, Are, chart. We then took these facts and added them into our complete, All About Bears book.  We then combined non-fiction books about bears in the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The class had so much fun reading the different versions. Hopefully, they came home and shared the story with you :)We enjoyed trying our own “porridge” on Friday.  Some of us decided we like porridge (oatmeal) and some of us did not.  The Kindergarteners loved making this connection to our fairytale. We’re becoming experts at retelling! We will combine non-fiction writing on goats and the fairy tale, 3 Billy Goats Gruff next week! The kindergarteners really enjoy this unit on informational writing.

Reader’s Workshop:  We are working on non-fiction books.  Discovering all of the features that a non-fiction book has inside.  We have found diagrams, photographs, tables of contents, and many more features.  The students love these books.  We focused on looking closer at the illustrator (photographers) job in non-fiction books! We can learn a lot from closely looking at the pictures!

St. Patricks day Leprechaun: Starting Monday in our classroom, a week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day a special leprechaun has been visiting us every day and leaving their presence. We found our room to be decked out in green shamrocks, green pepper shamrocks were left for painting, shamrock cookies waiting for us, hidden gold and lucky charms, and even green toilet water! We looked like a sea of green Friday when we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together!! The leprechaun left his footprints Friday around the room! 

Conferences:  Thank you all so much for attending conferences!  It was such a joy to be able to share your child’s progress!!  Please feel free to let me know if you ever have any questions  by emailing at myankee@hpseagles.net

Playground:  Thank you for continuing to pack the right winter gear!! Please watch the weather! Boots are still needed!! 

Mystery Reader:On Friday we had our first older sibling reader!! Hayley, Mady’s big sister in 4th grade at our school came to surprise us! It was so cool to listen to an older sibling read to us! Everyone that had a big sister or brother said they were headed home to ask! Hayley did amazing! She read us the adorable, fun book, Peanut Butter and Cupcake.  If you have an older child at Georgetown that would like to surprise their younger sibling! E-mail me!! I would love to have some more! 

Library:  We had library in our room Friday because of the book fair this week. Many of us checked out a new book, be sure to return it Tuesday! We will be back in the library Tuesday at our regular time!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 20…Art, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, March 21…Steam, Library, Bring Library Book.
  • Wednesday, March 22…Gym, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Thursday, March 23…Music, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, March 24…Art.  Nolan’s Birthday!!!!!! 
  • Saturday, March 25…Mother/Son Event at BAM in Holland, 2:00-4:00 p.m. 
  • Thursday, March 30…All K P.J. Day (wear your jammies or comfies)
  • Friday, March 31 – Friday, April 7…NO SCHOOL – Spring Break

Book Fair Tomorrow and Library Friday

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our shop day at the book fair! We will shop right after lunch. If your child would like to shop please send them to school with an envelope marked book fair and their name on it. Sending back their wish too is also helpful with what they should plan to purchase! Thanks so much!

If you haven’t yet this week, send in their library book! We will have Mrs. Vandenberg, our librarian into our room on Friday to switch out books!! Also remember in celebration of St. Patty’s Day to break out the green!!!

Thanks again to all the amazing parents I got to talk with at conferences this week! It was so fun to check in and share your child’s progress! Thanks for the WONDERFUL home support! That helps make my job so much more enjoyable!!! 



Weekly Update, March 6-10…

Popcorn Words:  could, would, should.  We looked at how these words all had the “ould” pattern in them.  We worked on finding them in our morning messages and throughout our popcorn books!

Math:  Ask them to name all 4, 3D Shapes!!! We explored more with shapes! We continued to explore teen numbers and adding and subtracting numbers.

Writer’s Workshop:  The Kindergarteners are becoming wonderful informational writers.  This week our focus was “All About Pigs”. We read about pigs and watched a video clip on goats to write down facts about these farm animals. We then took our facts on pigs to put together our very own “All About Pigs” book. I love how creative the students are getting with adding in features that they’re seeing in other non-fiction books. We’re adding fun facts, zoomed in pictures, labels, and diagrams to make our books full of information! We even had Brysen Kuiek, 5th grader at our school and Mrs. Kuiek second grade teachers son come and teach us about pigs! He is raising a couple of pigs for H4 club. He created a whole powerpoint to teach us about this cute animals. 

We also had a special guest visitor on Tuesday this week!!! My boyfriend, Zach came in to visit the class and tell us all about fish!!! We were so excited!! We got to see what fish start from- fish eggs, take turns using his reel, check out the longest rod, and try to guess and learn about different fish! Many of us knew our fish!! It was so fun to se their excitement with learning about fish!! We have so many fisherman in our class and Zach is an avid fisherman so he was also in his glory! 🙂 Thanks Zach for visiting us!! We LOVED having you!!! 

Reader’s Workshop:  We are continuing to explore all of the features that a Non-Fiction book contains.  Diagrams, cut-aways, table of contents, photographs, drawings, and bold words. It has been fun to see the Kindergarteners find these features in our Non-fiction books in our classroom.  They get very excited when they spot these features.  We are also continuing to combine our fairy tales with non-fiction books.  Showing the Kindergarteners a fairy tale story.  This week we have explored the story of The 3 Little Pigs. We read and compared a few different versions of this fairy tale classic. Then we used our retell skills to create a story board to retell this story to a partner! Hopefully we also retold this story at home to you with our fun story setting and character props! 

Parent Teacher Conferences :  Our Spring Conferences will be held Monday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 15 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Conference time reminders were sent home  with your kinder. Please let me know if you will not be able to attend conferences or if you have a conflict so that we can reschedule. Report cards will be sent home Monday.  If possible, please take a moment to review it.  We will be looking at it together. Please arrive on time, as we have 15 minutes to discuss your wonderful kinder! I will  do my best to stay on schedule.  I can’t wait to share your Kindergartener’s progress with you!! They are AMAZING!!!

TIME CHANGE:  Don’t forget to move  your clocks forward one hour Saturday night. Remember the saying….. “SPRING AHEAD”

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 13 Bring take home book 
  • Tuesday, March 14…Bring library book! Preview the book fair 
  • WednesdayMarch 15Bring take home book, word list and Literacy-handwriting and Math Homework 
  • Thursday, March 16…bring take home book, purchase book fair books (If you would like to have your kinder purchase books, please send the money inside an envelope labeled with their name.  Parent volunteers will be available to help your kinder shop.); parent teacher conferences
  • Friday, March 17Wear Green for St. Patty’s Day Celebrations!!!
  • Thursday, March 30.. Kindergarten PJ Reading Day!  
  • Friday, March 31-April 7…Spring Break…NO SCHOOL!

Weekly Update… Feb. 27- March 3……

Popcorn words:  about, went, and home – We talked about the “ou” vowel pattern it can say “ou” like in about. 

Math:  This week we worked with partners to help build partners that make up 10.   We continued to practice making Math mountains.  The Kindergarteners are also beginning to explore 2-D and 3-D shapes.  Noticing the difference between these two kinds of dimensional shapes.  We are continuing our practice of adding and subtracting as well.  We are really becoming amazing Math magicians!! 

Reader’s Workshop:  This week we started a new Unit:  Nonfiction Reading.  We have learned that Non-Fiction books are not fake…they are about real topics.  They are books that teach us something that we want to know more about.  We have explored the many features that we see in a Non-fiction book.  Labels, diagrams, pictures, table of contents, highlighted words, etc.  This week we dove into learning about chickens and all of the Kindergarteners added a Non-fiction book to their book boxes. The Kindergarteners have LOVED looking at our variety of Non-fiction books in our classroom!!

Writer’s Workshop: We wrapped up “How-to” writing on Monday and Tuesday by finishing up our books that we wrote independently. We shared these books with a couple of partners in our classroom and had a 3-D shape snack in celebration. We ate marsh mellow cylinders, cheese cubes, chocolate chip cones, and Kix cereal spheres. So fun!!! We have started working on Informational writing this week.  As informational writers we are creating writing pieces that teach someone about a topic.  The Kindergarteners noticed that this kind of writing reminded them of How-To writing.  While it is similar they are different types of writing because with informational writing we are giving information on a topic not teaching someone how to do something.  We have wrote our first writing piece on the topic of chickens.  We started by reading many non-fiction books on chickens to find new facts. We filled out a Can, Have, Are organizer page to organize our facts on chickens. Then we used our fact page as a writing tool to organize our thoughts into a book. We’re working on complete sentences and many non-fiction book details in these chicken books. Next week we will research and write about a new animal! It has been very fun to use non-fiction books on chickens and educational videos to learn more about chickens to help us with our writing.

Dr. Seuss Centers:  Oh what fun was had when we explored our Dr. Seuss this week!!! We explored 10 Apples On Top, by building partners of 10.  Also, exploring Oh The Places You’ll Go we made our own hot air ballon craft with where we would go.  Then, exploring Bartholomew and the Oobleck we made with our own  green Oobleck slime  to see if objects would sink or float.  It was a great way to wrap of our week wishing Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday!!

Do you like green eggs and ham?:  Inspired by Dr. Seuss’ birthday I made green eggs and ham….not really.  It was pretzels and chocolate to look like green eggs and ham.  We each got to try these and decide if we liked green eggs and ham or not.  It was fun!

Conferences:  Our Spring Conferences will be held Monday, March 12 – Wednesday, March 14 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Report cards will be presented to you at our conference where we will go through it together. Please arrive on time, as we have 15 minutes to discuss your wonderful kinder! I have lots of things to tell you! Everyone is making great progress! They are AMAZING!!!

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  If you are interested in being one of our mystery readers, please take a look on the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.  There are many dates still available for March that I just added! You are welcome to come and read a second time if you like. If a different time is more convenient for your schedule, please contact me.

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 6- Take Home Book, PE
  • March 7- Library and Music
  • March 8- Take home book and word list, Art
  • March 9- Take Home book and Steam
  • March 10- Early Release Day at 12:15 pm, PE 
  • MARCH 13, 14,15–—Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent slips stating your specific date and time were sent home.  I am looking forward to sharing your kinder’s awesome progress with you.
  • MARCH 13-16–SPRING BOOK FAIR:  We are scheduled to preview on Tuesday, March 14 and purchase books on Thursday, March 16. If you would like to have your kinder purchase books, please send the money inside an envelope labeled with their name.  Parent volunteers will be available to help your kinder shop.  The Book Fair will be open during the conference evenings.
  • MARCH 17—Wear GREEN—St. Patrick’s Day
  • MARCH 30-—Kindergarten PJ Day!  Wear jamies (or comfy) clothes.

See pictures from our week…

Dr. Seuss Birthday Tomorrow….


Tomorrow we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

The Kindergarteners are encouraged to wear Dr. Seuss-ish style attire.

Don’t know what to wear?  

Don’t be up all  night!

I have some tips to share…

Just dress in your red, black and white and you will be alright! 

P.S. Word Lists were not switched out today!! Most of us would benefit from another review week of the older words- practice the tricky ones- how, who, could, would, was, said, his, what… these are tricking many!!! Thanks!!! 

Weekly Jungle Update, Feb. 20-24…

February 20-24

Popcorn words: had, bad, and, get.  We talked about the short a vowel sound and short e sound by reading some easy reader books that the Kindergarteners got to bring home. We have been HUGE jumps with learning our sight words!

President’s Day:  We started our week by celebrating President’s Day on Monday.  We learned about President Lincoln and President Washington and why we celebrate them. The students received their own easy readers and also got write with a  quill/feather (what the presidents used to write) and sort coins.

Math:  In math this week we focused on groups that were greater than or less than. We were also introduced to math mountains and tiny tumblers, using them as another way to show partners.  We brought out the number tiles and bears this week to play the unknown partner game, working on number partners for 7- we would hide some of the tools from our partner so they could determine the missing partner! Such as 1 and 6, 3 and 4, etc. Friday was a fun math game day!!! We reviewed our math concepts of the week together!   We do more exploring in Chapter 4 next week.

Writer’s Workshop:  This week we created our first how-to booklet together as we wrote the steps to make a sight word bottle shaker! The water bottles worked out perfectly this week, thanks for sending them in! First we took our word list words and wrote them on colored paper, next we put them inside our bottles, last we added colorful beads, confetti and pom poms to finally shake it up and read! They brought these home this week! We then got to start a booklet all by ourselves of something we know how to do and can teach others! The kinders did a great job of independently planning and writing the steps to their book!  We used transitional words, first, then, last to tell our steps in order. We used capital letters to begin our step and a period to end our sentences. We also checked for spaces in between our words. I was so proud of my how-to book writers! We will take Monday and Tuesday next week to wrap up and celebrate how-to’s! Then we will begin non-fiction writing on Wednesday! This is a popular genre of writing in kindergarten! 

Reader’s Workshop: This week we learned about a new reading strategy buddy, Picturing Penguin.  Picturing Penguin teaches us to picture the words that we are reading in our mind.  We practiced this all week by listening to a read-aloud where I wouldn’t show the pictures right away. We had to make a picture in our mind of what we thought it might look like and the compared it to what the illustrator drew.  They are becoming amazing readers!!  I am so proud of them!!!

New Play Station:  For free choice time we have a new station set up where we can use our imaginations to play post office…we can mail letters, write letters, sell stamps, etc. It has been a BIG hit this week! 


Mystery Reader: On Friday, Kaitlyn lit up when her Nana, Grandpa and Mom walked into the classroom! Her Nana and Grandpa traveled from across the state to surprise her!!! It was a BIG surprise! She read us a sweet story and then stayed around to get to know our classroom a little better! Thanks!!

Handwriting: The kinders have completed all their letters upper and lowercase in their Handwriting without Tears books with proper formation! These books will come home this week for your reference! Feel free to finish any pages your child may have missed when they were gone or ones we skipped over! We will be reviewing and practicing writing all our letters without looking this week to prepare for a letter writing assessment of upper and lowercase letters! They’re doing great! Look for our practice sheets to come home to look over!

Birthday Celebration: We celebrated Brinley on Friday!!! She turned 6 officially on Saturday! I hope she had a special day! We loved celebrating with her Friday by enjoying these delicious bakery sprinkle cupcakes with gumballs on top!! What a special treat! Thanks Brinley!! Yum!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 27…Steam, BRING TAKE HOME BOOK,
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28…PE, Library, BRING LIBRARY BOOK. Literacy Homework Due- Hot Cocco Mugs!!!! Turn in for a treat!!!
  • Wednesday, March 1…Music, BRING TAKE HOME BOOK and WORD LIST and Math Homework and New Literacy Homework to come home this Wed.
  • Thursday, March 2…Art, BRING TAKE HOME BOOK.  Dress Dr. Seuss-ish!!! – Wear Red, white and black or dress like your favorite character!!!  Dr. Seuss’ B-Day!!
  • Friday, March 3…Steam.
  • Friday, March 10…Early Release Day – 12:15 p.m.
  • Monday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 15…PT Conferences.
  • Friday, March 17…Wear Green, St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Thursday, March 30…All K P.J. Day!!  Wear your P.J.’s or comfies!!

More pics of the week…


Weekly Jungle Update, Feb. 13-17…

Popcorn Words: who, not, map.

Valentine Party:  We started our week off with our fun Valentine Party! Big shout out to my amazing party planner’s Mrs. Bottrell and Mrs. Banach!!! Thank you to the amazing volunteers who helped by volunteering their time or giving supplies.  The Kindergarteners had a blast!!

Social Studies:  We started a new social studies, geography unit by reading the book,  Me On the Map.  The Kindergarteners are learning about the different parts of a map.  The Kindergarteners will continue to work on this next week as well.  We will explore our own classroom, bedroom and begin to make our own Me On the Map books.  A Social Studies Homework came home Wednesday.  The Kindergarteners are asked to complete a map of their bedroom.  This homework is due Monday, February 20. 

Math: This week we continued working in Unit 4. We worked on making teen numbers, telling math stories, and showing unknown partners using different material.  The Kindergarteners are really starting to become experts at reading our math sentences. On Friday they enjoyed our fun Math centers practicing the weeks math skills by playing some fun math games.  They created and solved addition equations with candy hearts, measured items with candy hearts, rolled a dice to subtract hearts and played race to fill a cup by spinning a number spinner! We had SO much fun practicing our math skills!

Writer’s Workshop: This week we continued to work on our How-To writing.  We used the 6 box frame to sequence our ideas in order… How to get ready for recess, and how to make a snowman in a snow globe were our how-to creations this week! We had fun actually creating the snowman globe craft first and then wrote our steps to teach someone else! Next week, I will introduce “How-to” writing booklets to the students! Please send in an empty plastic, recyclable water bottle or a few extras if you could by Monday for a writing project!!! 

Reader’s Workshop: We are continuing to build on our reading stamina and using our reading strategies. We have been able to stay in one spot, read our books quietly, read the whole time and get started right away…all of the steps of being a “super star reader!” When we are reading during this time we use our blue book boxes and have a collection of sight word books, books of our choice and good fit books inside it to pick from. Good fit books are books that are at your child’s reading level.  We added a new reading strategy Kit-Cat Connector.  Kit-Cat connector teaches us to make connections to what we read.  Making connections to books by making connections of experiences we have had, other books we have read and to the world around us.

5th Grade Buddies:  We got to visit with our 5th grade buddies from Mr. Gort’s class on Valentine’s Day!!! We went to their classroom to exchange Valentine cards that we had made for each other!! We then had some computer time together!

Mystery Reader:  Friday we were treated to Mrs. Blodgett, Ellery’s Grandma as our Mystery Reader.  Ellery gave her grandma a big hug when she saw her come through the door!!! She read us the best book about kindness, Have you Filled a Bucket Today? 

This was a sweet story that taught us how to be a bucket filler by doing something kind or saying something kind to each other! We practiced this throughout the day and we will continue to reinforce this great story in our classroom everyday! Thanks for reading to us!

Conferences: Everyone should have received a  conference appointment paper last week. Please let me know if this time does not work for you so that we can reschedule. I am excited to share with you the progress your child has made!! Spring conferences will be Monday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 15.

DUE:  EMPTY WATER/POP BOTTLE DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20.  We will be making a special sight word bottle on Monday as part of our How-To writing series.  If you have not sent in an empty water/pop bottle thank you!   PLEASE send one in on Monday. Please send a couple of extra bottles in if you have some spares lying around!!! 

Spring:  Our Spring like weather has brought the great melt to our playground.  It is now VERY wet and muddy on our playground.  Please continue to send boots or even an extra set of pants or socks in your child’s backpack.  As much as we try to remind our Kindergarteners to stay away from the “lakes/puddles” and muddy areas it is something that does happen sometimes. They have been pretty great about listening to the playground rules and staying dry.   We are definitely LOVING these sunny days!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 20…ART, EMPTY WATER/POP BOTTLE DUE!!!  My Bedroom map homework due.  Bring Take Home Book AND WORD LIST!!!. Presidents Day.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 22…PE , Bring Take Home Book.  Homework Due.
  • Thursday, Feb. 23…MUSIC , Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, Feb. 24…ART, CELEBRATE BRINLEY’s Birthday!!
  • Saturday, Feb. 25…Father/Daughter Dance.
  • Monday, February 27… Literacy Hot Cocco Mug paper due- on or before! Great job to those who have finished it and turned it in! New lit homework coming in March!
  • Thursday, March 2…Dr. Seuss’ B-Day!  Dress Seuss-ish!!
  • Friday, March 10…Early Dismissal (12:15) Day.
  • Monday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 15…Spring Conferences.   Spring Book Fair.
  • Thursday, March 16…Our Class Book Fair Purchase Day.
  • Friday, March 31 – Friday, April 7…Spring Break, NO SCHOOL!

Rainbow Sight Word Lists…

Your kinder is picking up so many of their sight words! They’re all so motivated and determined to advance lists each week. I am so proud of each of them! Please remember retention is key and of course reading the words in context is the ultimate goal!

Today I asked the class to work on reading the previous word lists to our amazing mom volunteer! They did great, but a few had a hard time recalling words on the previous lists. If your child comes home today with a lower list at the front of their page protector please turn your focus back on these words! They were not able to advance word lists this week! I kept them at their same color to really work on retaining all the old words. If you feel your child needs more of a challenge, have them work on spelling their words in full sentences at home!

Next week please remember to bring your word lists back on Monday!!! We will do word list check in on Monday, not Wednesday next week! (This is just for one week).

Thanks again!! Keep the practicing fun!!